A beautiful event platform to engage your attendees

Launch your event platform in less than 30 minutes. A user-friendly interface that attendees love to use and reaches engagement by 85%

All the engagement features you need

Offer the best event experience to your attendees, save time and reduce costs

Build the way you feel

Create your events autonomously

One or multiple events

Create as many events as you want. Use one platform for your entire events portfolio to boost interactions throughout the year

Select features and add content

Each event is unique: select the features you want to use. Edit and add content manually or by bulk import.

Highlight your brand

Customize your events with graphics, colors, icons, the order of menus and other branded features. Publish your event in our container app or on your premium white label platform.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Sync Swapcard with your ticketing solution. Access a library of pre-built integrations or reach out to us to discuss premium integration.

Engage your audience in multiple ways

Connect attendees with peers, content and knowledge

Match & connect attendees with AI

Networking is a major reason to participate in an event. Use our matchmaking powered by Artificial Intelligence & a private meeting scheduler, to unlock connections.

An interactive & up-to-date event guide

Create, edit, and update sessions, import abstracts and display your event program on your website. Manage seat capacity, visibility rules and more.

Enable attendees to share what they think

Boost social interactions using a twitter feed, polls, surveys, Q&A, public forums, chats, program session ratings, social wall and push notifications.

Monetize visibility and lead generation

Generate new revenues by offering engagement opportunities to your sponsors & exhibitors.

Sponsors and exhibitors profiles

List all your sponsors and exhibitors company pages, order them and add rich content so attendees can bookmark and engage with them.

Sponsor branding opportunities

Offer engagement opportunities which convert with banner adds, a splash page, targeted push notifications and logo placements.

Exhibitors lead capture

Let exhibitors scan business cards and attendee badges to collect contact details, add notes, contextualize meetings, exports and sync leads with their CRM.

Exhibitors private meeting scheduler

Help exhibitors find the most qualified leads, schedule and manage meetings on the go, with our matchmaking powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Analyze every aspect and measure ROI

Measure attendees’ engagement & exhibitors’ ROI in real time and analyze all data to grow your event in the right direction

Product webinars

Discover your future event engagement platform. Attend one of our upcoming product webinar.

Talk to an event expert

Get a free consultation on how to increase engagement at your event and deliver lasting experiences, under 24H.