Make your event smarter with our AI-powered matchmaking

Increase your attendees’ satisfaction thanks to quality encounters.

Today, networking is broken

Your event is the gathering of a community.
The power of your community depends on its interactions.
Attendees are looking for connections, but their time is valuable.
Without digital, it’s a lottery
Without preparation, it’s inefficient
Without intelligence, it’s spammy
Working with more than 500 events, we have learnt how to fix it.

Bring magic and create meaningful connections

Our smart algorithm will suggest each participant the 20 most relevant profiles to meet
Narrow the customized selection
We find most relevant attendees based on your profile, your contacts, and your company. Tell us your interests and expectations for even better results.
Discover your customized selection of suggested attendees
Get a complete view of participants before deciding if you’d like to meet them. Find more information about their companies but also common interests you share.
Chat and meet with them during the event
We highly recommend you to meet these attendees on site. Nothing is stronger than a physical encounter to establish a good connection with new contacts.
Profil found

Quality is more important than quantity

We observed that fewer, but much more qualified encounters, provide higher attendees’ satisfaction. Some will ask for more, but it can also affect other attendees’ experience. Attendees time is precious, they shouldn’t get bored when speaking to the wrong person.

Our algorithm ensures no one received to many irrelevant requests. That is why our most important criteria is always what other attendees are looking for and if you should be able to help them.

Attendees’ span of attention is short. They want everything to be easy and quickly available.
They will see interests they share. That’s a perfect way to start a conversation.
Higher ROI
Matching supply and demand will generate more win-win deals during your event.
Deeper connections
Keep your community engaged in between your events with long-lasting relationships
Automatic set-up
Don’t it yourself would be a major headache, our powerful algorithm does the hard work.
Loyal attendees
Quality encounters means good memories and more reasons to come back to your next edition.
Make your event a success.
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