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Find the perfect tech solution to enhance your next event

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Validar inc.

Gamification and Rewards for your community members that drives engagement, increases exhibitor value, and evaluation response rates. Recognize and reward your most loyal contributors!

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The perfect foundation for any project or solution that needs a map. The platform is built with Google Maps technology ensuring seamless transitions from outdoor to indoor navigation and quick adoption.

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All-in-one social wall solution that allows you to collect, curate, and display user-generated content in a unified feed. Collect content from multiple social media platforms, let your audience post directly on the wall, and add custom posts or a photo booth integration.

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Sessionboard is a next generation speaker and content management platform that seamlessly integrates all of your speaker info and content with SwapCard.

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Supercharge Swapcard with Sparkup's powerful audience interaction features. Sparkup seamlessly integrates into Swapcard to help you transform your events into completely engaging and interactive experiences.

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Snöball is a word-of-mouth marketing platform that mobilizes your existing audiences into becoming influential advocates to drive audience acquisition, retention, and engagement.

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EPEAK Studio

EPEAK Studio is a global event management and content creation agency that handles all aspects of your event, from design to management and production.

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CLIPr is a video analysis and management platform. Using AI and machine learning, users can quickly identify key moments within video content, enabling them to search, interact, and share with ease and efficiency.

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Track physical and online attendance with one tool

With SwapAccess by Swapcard you can:

  • Collect session attendance information for any event format
  • Control who has access to certain sessions
  • Scan without a network connection

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