When it comes to data, Swapcard has your back.


The world of events is entering a new, data-driven chapter. With hybrid and virtual models, organizers can collect and measure more data than ever before. Swapcard provides a safe environment for you to run events and build communities. With our end-to-end technology solution, your event data is collected and stored in one safe place.

And you're in control. It's your brand, your audience, your data only.

We act solely as a facilitator of your data using strict process and control parameters because we take our data security obligations seriously. We absolutely do not share, sell, transfer, commingle, or make public any of your data.

One of Swapcard's best features is our world-class artificial intelligence (AI), which works magic for the attendee experience. Smart algorithms create suggestions for the best people to meet, videos to watch and products to browse. Your attendees will save time and be sure to find the right people and content.

Let Swapcard help you unlock interactions that would otherwise be impossible.

Your data in the Swapcard platform

Content data

Content data is owned by the organizer. As an organizer, you can edit, export and delete all the content data. Swapcard acts as a data processor.

Participant data

Participants own their personal data. As an organizer, you can edit and export all your participant's data. Only participants themselves can delete their profile at any time. Swapcard acts as a controller for participant data. We automatically delete participant accounts after three (3) consecutive years of inactivity.

Focus on the participant

Participants have one set of login credentials across all events. However, participant data is never shared with other organizers. As an organizer, only you can know who is attending your events.

Privacy by design

All events are private and separate under each organizer. Swapcard only uses data for the purpose of your events and/or communities. We do not sell or share data with anyone.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence analyzes is fully anonymized.


Who owns the data?
What is Swapcard allowed to do with the data?
What is Swapcard's role?
Is data shared between different organizers on Swapcard?
What happens in between events?

Here’s how Swapcard’s artificial intelligence works with the data we treat

Swapcard uses artificial intelligence to provide matchmaking features and content suggestions to participants. When users log into the platform and fill in their profiles with job titles, interests, and professional experience, the AI system sets them up with people and content they might enjoy. When users browse the platform, register to watch sessions, visit exhibitors booths and browse products and services in the marketplace, the AI system learns how to suggest accurate content that they might be interested in.

But don’t worry: only anonymized data, or data that cannot be linked to an identifiable person, is used to train our machine learning model and propose the best participant experience. Our system uses anonymized data to feed our AI model from all events but because the data is anonymized, there is no way to for recommendations to pop up across different communities and events.

Swapcard also builds statistical reports and analyses based on the content and profile data. These reports and analyses are shared only with the organizer of said event and are very useful in understanding the macro behavioral trends of their events. Swapcard’s reporting can help organizers make better decisions for future events.


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