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How can I access my event in the app?

When the organizer opens the platform, you are notified by email, sent to the email address you used to register for the event. This email contains a link which allows you to define a password and activate your account.

If you haven’t received it, please first check your spam box. In case you haven’t received an email, you can join the event by typing the event code provided by the organizer.

If in either case you still cannot access the event, please message in the chat with your email address and the name of the event you are attending.

What are the privacy rules?

Here’s the low-down on our privacy rules:

. Your data is entirely controlled by you.

. You can delete your account at any time, no information will be saved.

. Your private data is not available to anyone without your consent.

. We do not sell or use your data for any commercial purposes.

. We are in compliance with the EU’s data privacy (GDPR) regulations.

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Is my profile public or private?

Only attendees of the same event can see you listed in the attendee list and access your public profile, which includes your name, job position, company, profile picture and key words.

Your contact details are private and only accessible to contacts you will add in the platform. No one can access them without your direct consent.

How can I connect with another attendee?

When attending an event using our platform, you can access the attendee, exhibitor and speakers lists, and send a connection request to anyone. We strongly recommend you to add a message when sending a request.

During the event, you can also scan badges or business cards of attendees you meet. It will automatically save their profile in your contact list.

How can I export my contacts?

All your contacts can be easily transferred on our different platforms, through a csv / excel file you’ll receive on your mailbox, or manually from each application.

What happens after the event?

Swapcard is a platform, this means that all the functions work even after the event. You will be able to access to your contacts and scan business cards at any time.

On top, if you attend another event hosted on Swapcard, it will be automatically added to your profile.

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